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When it's a party that you want, Justine is the girl for you. You want one of the Fort Lauderdale escorts who's just a bit crazy, who's not afraid to let her hair down. This is the type of girl you bring to a beach party so that she can do keg stands under the sunset, the type of girl who is going to challenge you at the bar. She's out of control, she's beautiful, and she wants to bring you along for the ride.

Leaving College for the Party Lifestyle

Justine is one of the Fort Lauderdale escorts who originally came to Florida to go to college, but she dropped out after a semester. College was holding her back; she just wanted to have fun. Maybe you're coming to Florida because you need a bit of an escape, a vacation from mundane life that's feeling a bit bland. That's how Justine felt when she was in school, so she's the ideal girl to sweep you into her world and show you what living is really all about.

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Justine Standing with White Top Pulling Up and Blue Jeans 
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