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Janice: Nature-Lover and Thrill-Seeker

When you meet Janice, you're going to notice immediately that she wants to get out and have a good time. While some of the Fort Lauderdale escorts thrive off of the big city life, Janice is at home if she is hiking on a beach-side trail along the coast, kayaking among the islands, or swimming in the surf. She's all about thrills, having gone skydiving and bungie-jumping in the last year alone. If you want to see what the outdoors have to offer in Florida, there is no better girl at Fort Lauderdale Escorts 24 as your sidekick.

Janice's dedication to the outdoors has kept her in great shape. Her hair seems to be perpetually bleached blonde from the sun. If you're into working out, biking, or something along those lines, she's going to be able to keep up with you with ease. She can relax at the end of the day over a bottle of wine or a cold beer, but you had better believe that she'll want to be going strong all day. If you've been looking for that type of energy in our Fort Lauderdale escorts, you've found it.

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Janice Sitting with Tank Top and Blue Jeans
Janice Sitting and Pulling Up Her Tank Top
Janice Showing Her Breasts with Tank Top Pull Up
Janice Sitting and Showing Her Breasts with Tank Top Pull Up
Janice Standing with Tank Top Pull Up and Pulling Down Her Pants
Janice Lying Down Topless and Taking Off Her Pants
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