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Originally born in New Zealand, Brooke moved to Florida when she was very young. While she's now been a native for years, she still feels a connection to her home country, and she goes back at least once a year to visit. Do you also love traveling, or have you come to the United States from overseas? If so, this is one of the Fort Lauderdale escorts that you are going to have a lot in common with. She's quick to smile and she loves to talk.

A Local Guide

While she does travel a lot, Brooke is also one of the Fort Lauderdale escorts who loves the place that she lives, and she's put a lot of time into exploring it to find all of the top clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants and beaches. She can be your local guide. Thinking about hiring a tour guide but also wishing you had someone you could date while you're in town? Brooke fills both roles. With her gorgeous build, she's going to be turning heads all over town as the two of you enjoy the local hot spots.

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