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March 25, 2016


Top Resorts with Your Fort Lauderdale Escort

If you're planning your trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, well in advance, you're already on the right path. This is a popular vacation destination, both with people from the United States and those traveling from other countries, so everything tends to fill up quickly. If you want to book the best resort or hotel at which to stay with a Fort Lauderdale escort, you need to book it today. Often, we recommend finding the hotel first and then planning the rest of the trip around it. Below are a few options you may be interested in.

The Alhambra Beach Resort

Nothing is better than being right on the beach, and this resort gives you that prime location. The property itself is beautifully landscaped and maintained, so your visit feels like a tropical vacation. There is a stunning pool that is great for swimming or just lying out in the sun, and they clean it every day. One of the biggest advantages is that the resort is close to shops and transportation, and it works really well as a place to stay before going out on a cruise. You'll find it at 3021 Alhambra Street.

The Aqua Hotel

This is a modern hotel, where everything is pristine and white—from the walls to the bedspreads to the curtains. Stunning wood floors give the place plenty of color, though, as do bright beach-themed decorations like surfboards and paintings. Everything is comfortable, clean and updated. You'll find beautifully tiled showers, multiple flat-screen televisions, spacious beds, and kitchen units in the rooms. If you're tired of older hotels that still have features from 30 years ago, try the Aqua Hotel for a great change of pace. You and the Fort Lauderdale escort will find it at 3016 Windamar St.

The Pillars Hotel Fort Lauderdale

Now this is luxury. Huge outdoor pools. Second-story balconies with beautiful railings and soft ambient lighting where you can look at the stars or the water. Lush palm trees, open dining areas, and elegant outdoor curtains to give you and the Fort Lauderdale escort privacy on your own balcony. These are just a few of the things that describe the Pillars Hotel. It's peaceful and scenic at every turn, just what you think of when you imagine that relaxing Florida getaway. Everything is immaculate and the staff is friendly. If you want to hit up some shops or go out to eat, the hotel is just minutes from plenty of options—and you won't even need a taxi. You'll find it at 111 N Birch Rd.

The Atlantic Hotel & Spa

Want to sit on a sweeping terrace with a cold drink and a view of the ocean? Want to hit up a spa to be pampered until you're more relaxed and rejuvenated than you've every been? Looking for a luxury hotel that is walking distance from the city's dance clubs? At the Atlantic Hotel & Spa, you get all of that and more. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and they come with free WiFi. You and the Fort Lauderdale escort will find this place at 601 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard.

February 5, 2016


Just Say Spaaaah

You've got time to get away to Fort Lauderdale, one of the best destinations in Florida. You will, without a doubt, enjoy yourself in the presence of your Fort Lauderdale escort. However, if you are just not used to the South Florida weather, head indoors. Check out our list of some of the best day spas in the area. Relax and let your inhibitions go.

The 78 Degrees Spa

This spa is tucked away in the heart of the Wilton Manors at 2153 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL, 33305. This is one of our favorite places for sports massages, reflexology techniques, herbal remedies and mud wraps. We have an insider's tip that at 78 Degrees they are well known for their deep tissue massages and incredible Swedish massages. If you like a strong touch when it comes to massages, you've come to the right place.

When you want to look sexy for your date, be sure to check out their newly offered Barber Pete services. You can schedule a haircut, a beard trim or an old-fashioned straight razor shave. Enjoy all the benefits of personal grooming an up-keep with a throwback touch. Call 954-630-1444 to make an appointment.

The Spa at Harbor Beach

Although this day spa is nestled inside the Harbor Beach Marriott, you will feel 1,000 miles away from everything once you walk through the door. Listed as one of the "100 Best Spas in the World," this place is the epitome of tranquility and relaxation. Be sure to visit the Scrub Bar where, with the help of a mixologist, you can design your own personal body scrub.  Once you have finished your treatment, you can lounge by the salt-water pool next to the resort's private beach.

When planning the day for two, don't forget to ask about the Happily Ever After couples massage that includes champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.
The resort is located at 3030 Holiday Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33316 and you can make reservations online or by calling 954-765-3032.

Contour Day Spa

This day spa is located just a bit farther away at 455 SW 78th Ave, Plantation, FL, 33324. While you will find the typical spa services such as massage, waxing, manicures and hair styling, this spa is known for its Journey to Eden. The Journey to Eden begins with hand and foot reflexology to create balance in your body. Next you soak in a hydrotherapy bath filled with aromatherapy oils and exotic salts. As you relax, you are treated to a personal hair washing.

There are private suites and couples options available in this grand facility to offer up a bit more privacy for you and your sexy Fort Lauderdale escort. If you have specific treatments or surprises in mind, contact the spa directly at 954-900-9182.

Start Packing Your Bag

Fort Lauderdale and your knock-out escort are waiting for you! Pack your bag, make your reservations and head to the beach. Trust us, with the sunshine, the beach and the beauties, Florida never disappoints.

September 10, 2015

Let Riverwalk Recreation Be Your Destination

Located in the downtown historical district of Fort Lauderdale, the Riverwalk park connects old downtown right to the gateway of the New River and includes some of the most historical landmarks in Ft Lauderdale. The best part is, it's always bustling with excitement and entertainment and with Riverwalk Recreation you have access to it all. Riverwalk Recreation has done a great job of combining all of the fun outdoor activities one could do in downtown Fort Lauderdale in one convenient location.

For Land-Lovers:

Bicycles and Electric Trikes

Bikes and Electric Trikes are available for hourly and daily rental but also for guided tours. The twice-daily 2-hour guided tour introduces you to Fort Lauderdale architecture, history and local plant life. The bike tour goes at an easy pace and includes two stops for refreshments.  

Cycle Party

These crazy bikes need a minimum of six people to operate and a maximum of 15. Cycle parties can be arranged as private parties and tours or Riverwalk Recreation organizes two social mixer group pub crawls. During the day, there is a Las Olas downtown Cycle Party city tour which includes history tidbits and funny quirks of the city as well as a peek at the local nature scene. At night, however, the cycle turns into a party machine where participants receive discounts at bars and restaurants along the pub crawl.

The fast and fun way to get around and see some great sights. Riding a Segway doesn't take any previous experience, you can learn all you need to know in just a few minutes. The 1-hour guided tour takes you on a 5-mile trip through the heart of downtown Ft. Lauderdale and off to see a few mega mansions and impressive yachts. The 2-hour tour goes about 10 miles and takes you to one of the most spectacular views in town.

For Those Ready to Get Their Feet Wet:


Single and tandem kayaks are available for 2, 4 or 8 hour rental. Why not jump on in and enjoy a little exploring on your own? There are also 1.5 hour tours available for those who prefer a local guide show them all the best spots.


Enjoy cruising through Fort Lauderdale without and fumes or noise in one of these eco-friendly boats. Rented out by the hour for private gatherings and parties, you can also book a private tour cruising past yachts and mansions, heading for views of the Everglades.


One of the newest crazes to hit water sports, Stand-Up Paddle boarding or SUP, is quickly gaining popularity and you'll be able to see why. If you've never tried SUP, Riverwalk Recreation offers an hour long lesson; after that you can feel free to sign up for a guided tour or take your board out and try your advanced skills with SUP yoga.

No matter what you have in mind for your afternoon adventure, contact (954) 526-5159 to make a reservation.

May 17, 2015

Tips for Setting Up the Best Date in Fort Lauderdale

Setting up a date with the Fort Lauderdale escorts is going to be a lot of fun; if you want, you can contact the girls, learn more about them, find out what they like to do, and then plan a date that you know they're going to love. However, if this is your first time doing it, there are a few things that you should know.

Plan in Advance

Planning in advance is the key to making sure that you never have to compromise. This starts with booking your date with the right Fort Lauderdale escorts, but it also goes for booking a restaurant and ensuring that you have a table. The great waterfront places -— like Frigate's, GG's and Shooter's -— are usually packed by dinner time. You can stand in line for an hour just waiting to get a table. If you call early in the day and get your name on the list, you slash that wait time down to nothing. Don't put it off.

Consider Your Travel Options

You and the Fort Lauderdale escorts are probably going to enjoy the excellent drinks, from cold, refreshing beer to Florida's classic cocktails and mixed drinks. If you're thinking about getting dinner first and then going to the bars, you want to make sure you know how to get there. Fort Lauderdale does have an extensive bus system, but it may be faster and easier to use a taxi. You may also want to consider online services like Uber or Lyft. These are essentially taxi services driven by locals who sign up, and everything -— payment and contact -— is handled online. Though the rates are flexible, these do tend to be cheaper than traditional taxi services, and they are still very efficient.

Enjoy the Scenic Views

One of the best things to do with the Fort Lauderdale escorts is to make the most of something only Florida can offer: the incredible scenic views. Yes, a night out on the town can be fun, but you should definitely take some time to get down to the shoreline for a romantic stroll on the beach or to sit out on the terrace of a bar to watch the sunset. If you really want to step up your game, there are boat tours that you can take for a truly relaxing evening. Some tours cruise the coastline, others focus on the sunset, some are for large parties and some are exclusive so that it's just the two of you. For the tours, as with everything else, be sure that you plan in advance.

To get you started, you should check out three of the most popular boat services: Riverfront Cruises, Carrie B Harbor Tours and Gondolas West. Another great option for you and the Fort Lauderdale escorts is the Jungle Queen Riverboat. It is an elegant, two-story riverboat that looks like it can take you right back in time, and it provides a very nice setting for a sunset cruise.

April 8, 2015

Find Fort Lauderdale’s Wet and Wild Side

There is simply no where quite like Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With 23 miles of beautiful beaches beckoning, it can be difficult to appreciate everything this city has to offer. If you love hot women in scintillating, sexy bikinis, then you are sure to have a terrific time with your Fort Lauderdale escort on your arm. You can enjoy watching her shimmy in the sand and get wet in the surf, and it is likely you may not notice just how gorgeous the beaches are here. Below, you’ll find three of the top beaches in Fort Lauderdale.

Deerfield Beach

If you want to experience more with your Fort Lauderdale escort than soaking up the sun’s rays, check out Deerfield Beach. This award-winning beach is home to Ski Rixen, which is one of the country’s first cable water ski parks. This ingenious water skiing cable will quietly pull you over the brilliant blue water –- all without a boat. After you and your escort play in the sand and surf, grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants bordering the beach or simply try to catch your dinner by fishing off the pier.

Hillsboro Beach

For true nature lovers, check out Hillsboro Beach. You and your Fort Lauderdale escort can enjoy the Hillsboro Lighthouse. Close to the lighthouse is Hillsboro Inlet, where you can sit and watch as some of the largest yachts enter. You’ll want to watch where you step, though, as this beach is very popular with other nature lovers who come to see the nesting turtles. This gorgeous beach pales in comparison to your Fort Lauderdale escort and you two will have plenty of time to get to know one another here.

Pompano Beach

This beach boasts some of the clearest and warmest waters in South Florida, due in part to the Gulf Steam. The beach got its name from the saltwater fish that is only found in this area. This beach is home to the annual Pompano Fishing Rodeo and Seafood festival. If you and your lovely lady have your fill of the beach, you can make your way to one of the horseracing tracks or enjoy teeing off on a championship golf course.

Enjoy All Fort Lauderdale Has to Offer

If sun, sand, surf and fun are on your agenda with your Fort Lauderdale escort, then any of the three beaches named above will provide all of it in droves. With exceptional temperatures all year long, terrific activities and adventures and some of the finest dining establishments in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale is certainly the place to be. Your escort will enjoy sharing all of this with you, and she might just show you a few of her favorite spots. Why wait to enjoy what Mother Nature has set out right before your eyes? You’re sure to love looking at the stunning beauty on your arm, but you’ll enjoy yourself even more as you get to know her on a more intimate level.
March 1, 2015

The Beauty of Fort Lauderdale Beach

You may think of Fort Lauderdale as a haven for college students, and it certainly has been in the past, but you should know that it has been transformed lately, with much more of a focus on high-class tourism from all around the world. This isn't to say that there won't be college students, but it's not really a Spring Break destination in the way that it once was. The facelift has been great for the area, adding many chic destinations that you should be sure to check out when you spend time with the Fort Lauderdale escorts.

Of course, it all starts with the beachfront. This beach is the very definition of the Florida coastline, with white sand that sparkles under the sun, palm trees that line the bluff, and green-blue waters that wash up with the tide. It is idyllic and stunning; if you've only seen it in pictures before, you should know that they don't do it justice. You have to be here in person, and it's going to take your breath away. Whether you want to swim in the ocean, lay out in the sun, or take a romantic walk along the water's edge, you're going to love it.

You and the Fort Lauderdale escorts can also rent out some seriously luxurious properties right on the beachfront. The suites near the top of the area's hotels are gorgeous, offering all of the amenities that you want and then some. If having the whole place to yourself is more your style, you can rent out vacation homes that will make your jaw hit the floor. This can get pricy, but we'd highly recommend it. Living in million-dollar homes, even just for a few days, is an experience everyone needs to have. Some of them have an unobstructed path to the beach, so you get waterfront access whenever you want it, without all of the crowds; that's something that a hotel cannot offer.

If you're looking for food, shopping, drinks and other types of entertainment, we'd recommend going down to Las Olas Boulevard. While not a huge street like some in Miami, it is both a quaint and yet bustling street that offers you even more than you'd expect. The bars and pubs in the area are great, with many of them boasting more outdoor space than indoor space. You can enjoy the warm weather all day long, sipping a tropical drink that you've never tried before or your favorite beer. For a fun date with the Fort Lauderdale escorts, just be spontaneous and set off along the boulevard; you're guaranteed to find a destination that you love.

If you want to fall into a tropical paradise, you don't have to go any farther than Fort Lauderdale. From the paths that run along the beach, with their short, white brick walls to the vibrant nightlife to the gorgeous views of the water, it is like stepping right into another world. When you share the experience with a beautiful girl, it becomes everything that you've ever wanted.
January 7, 2015

Sightseeing in Fort Lauderdale

What a beautiful city to explore! This is especially true if you have a stunning escort on your arm. Spend the day with an informative and dedicated tour guide and the night with a truly gorgeous woman. Some of the most impressive sightseeing tours are available in Fort Lauderdale. Take a look at what you can see and how you can see it in this fascinating city.

Jungle Queen Riverboat

One of the most popular cruises is on the Jungle Queen Riverboat. With a BBQ and shrimp dinner cruise that is world-famous, you and your escort can enjoy a truly outstanding “All You Can Eat” dinner. There’s a terrifically funny variety show, too. During the day, you can take a three-hour sightseeing cruise, fully narrated, and view Millionaire’s Row right on the New River. There’s also a stop at a tropical isle to see monkeys, rare birds and alligators. It’s located at 801 Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd. (A1A) Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 or you can call for tickets at 954-462-5596.

Las Olas Gondola

How about a gondola cruise in the heart of “Venice of America.” This authentic Venetian Gondola ride is always private, so you can enjoy each other’s company. You can choose from between two options. The first is to cruise on the Intracoastal Waterway, while taking in the views of mansions. The second is a romantic, unique cruise on the New River. This is truly a great sightseeing experience. Located at SE 1st Ave, near Las Olas River House Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, this popular attraction requires reservations, which can be made by calling 201-919-1999.
Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi

This is a terrific way to travel along Fort Lauderdale’s waterways. It’s like a trolley car on the water. For one price, you’ll be able to get on and off where you want, and there are three stops in Hollywood and 12 pickup stops along the Intracoastal Highway and the downtown area. You can hit the beach for a while to soak up the sun, then shop for a bit before enjoying a leisurely lunch or dinner. The motto of these water taxis is “More than just a boat ride.” For the main office, got to 413 SW 3rd Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 or call 954-467-6677.

Bum Around Tours

Looking just to relax on the water? Then check out Bum Around Tours. This place offers just about anything you could want if it deals with the water. From snorkeling and fishing trips to just lounging on a boat on the water, this is a terrific way to spend the day unwinding. Full, half and sunset cruises are available, so get ready to enjoy the water and all it has to offer. The office is located at 629 NE 3rd Street Dania, FL 33004 and you can call 214-707-2721 for more information.
Enjoy the Fort Lauderdale Sightseeing Experience

As you can see, there is a lot to see and do in this terrific city. Grab onto your escort’s hand and head for the water for a plethora of sightseeing options.
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